HSIN CHANG GROUP has been manufacturing and exporting anchors since 1981, our headquarters with the land area of 1,100 square meters located at Changhua, Huatan Township in Taiwan. We mainly produce for exporting about anchors and accumulated decades of production and sales experience fruitful, therefore our customers are now around the world. In order to fulfill the marketing demands, we set up a factory with the land area of 30,000 square meters in ShenZhen of China in November 1992, and expansion the second factory next to our headquarters with the land area of 3,000 square meters in April 2005. Respond to Mainland government policy changes and long-term management considerations, we closed the factory in ShenZhen of China in December 2019 and expansion our headquarters with the land area of 7,000 square meters to Changhua City in February 2020, the employees are around 90-120 people and continued increase.

Each product has a remarkable achievement in our company, such as HOLLOW WALL ANCHORS, SPEED PLUGS, EXPRESS NAILS, FRAME ANCHORS, NYLON HAMMER FIXINGS, and STEEL HAMMER ANCHORS…else, production is growing steadily; we have professional R&D design, production and business marketing team from production to sales, we hold high-quality product and provide the best service to customers, actively develop automated manufacturing in recent years to satisfy market consumption requirement. In addition, we have successfully develop a variety of new products and got the international patents from US, Australia and Europe. We also cooperated with the well know manufactures who are specialized in Fastener by OEM/ODM for long term partners, assist customers to get patent and ETA certification together.

For the management, we began an ISO 9002 certified manufacturer on February 17th, 1997. And get ISO 9001 certificate in 2015, we strict controlling the quality and production to offer good quality products for our customers. We bought and used the text equipment, various software and machines to keep our occurrence of defective products maintained less than 0.5 percent.

HSIN CHANG purpose is Continuous Refinement, Quality First, And Customer Satisfaction, we will continue to provide the most competitive prices in order to provide each and every one of our customers with the most sincerely and perfect service.