The report of Fastener World

2020 / 07 / 28

HSIN CHANG Moved to New Plant with Higher Lightweight Anchor Capacity Expectation


by Gang Hao Chang, Vice Editor-in-Chief of Fastener World


The leading Taiwanese lightweight anchor manufacturer for home improvements application, Hsin Chang Hardware Industrial Corp., has moved into its new headquarters located in Changhua City since this February. The 7,000 sq. m of new plant consists of a complex building for domestic & overseas sales and a well-arranged manufacturing area for stamping/screws/automatic spot welding/assembly/plastic injection/wire cutting/packaging. With additional manufacturing lines and the operation of senior technicians, Hsin Chang cannot only achieve precise control of each manufacturing procedure, but also ensure the compliance with international standards of each batch of anchors shipped to customers. It is expected that the annual capacity of Hsin Chang’s major products like Hollow Wall Anchors, Speed Plugs, metal anchor series, and nylon anchor series will appear a significant increase after the new plant became operational. The old Huatan-based plant will also become a warehouse to accommodate its large equipment and may be used for production again if there exists a need of capacity expansion in the future.     


Excellent Know-how Winning the Trust of Overseas Leading Brands


Utilizing automatic equipment for strict quality control and having independent R&D capabilities are both the essential components that helped Hsin Chang continuously gain a firm presence in European/American/Japanese advanced markets. In order to enhance the capacity and shorten lead times highly valued by foreign customers, Hsin Chang have 3D measuring equipment, WEDM, EDM and many necessary testing instruments for responding to customers’ contingent demands for product or tooling design change. In addition, the independent die development ability Hsin Chang’s R&D team has been accumulating for more than 4 decades also prevents the outflow of customers’ confidential technology, which is why Hsin Chang could be continuously designated by many European/American/Japanese lightweight anchor and hand tool topnotch manufacturers as their collaborative partner over the past decades.  


“Business partnership with tough customers usually last longer! As this type of customers often have strict requirements, those who want to do business with them must have a wealth of experience to achieve their quality standards. The team of Hsin Chang can even help customers improve their product design to develop the best performance after reviewing their drawings. Such a tacit understanding allowed Hsin Chang to establish collaboration with many overseas benchmark manufacturers for decades,” said President Tsun-Pin Chen.    


New Plant + New Markets + New Products

Sales Expected to Grow 20%


Moving into the new plant can help integrate Hsin Chang’s order receiving, design & development, production, inspection & delivery, making the whole process become more streamlined and competitive. Customers’ problems can be solved immediately, periods required for product R&D can be significantly reduced, and capacity/quality/lead time can be greatly improved as well.


“The new plant equipped with new machines and staff can accelerate our development process for existing customers’ products on the one hand, and on the other hand can help us find the lost customers back previously due to competitors’ plagiarism or price-cutting competition. Considering the current industrial conditions, I feel optimistic and expect to see a 20% sales growth next year. In terms of new product development, lightweight anchors have thus far represented around 80-90% of Hsin Chang’s total sales. The team of Hsin Chang will continuously dedicate themselves to the development of more labor-saving and lightweight anchors, which require less operating steps and feature more secured fastening,” added President Chen.


President Chen noted, “As we process customers’ inquiries directly, we could know what they really need. Hsin Chang takes the collaboration with associate factories and customers seriously. Considering our customers as partners is also a guideline for us to seek for sustainability.”